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Co-operation and licenses

Envirotherm GmbH collaborates with partners on a global scale. This might involve co-operation alliances, licensed partners as well as sales representatives. To ensure further development of technologies, collaboration with universities and research institutes is pursued.

Our most important partners are:

Licensed parties

China with regard to baghouse filters: Tongfang Environment Co. Ltd.
China Datang Technologies & Engineering Co. Ltd.
Beijing Londian Hongtai Environment Technology Co. Ltd.
Fujian Longking Co. Ltd.

China with regard to wet ESP: Dongfang Boiler Group Co. Ltd.
Nanjing General Electric Equipment Co. Ltd.
Jiaxing Huaneng Environmental Protection Co. Ltd.

Korea with regard to ESP: Jeongwoo Industrial Machine Co. Ltd.
Korea with regard to CFB power plants: Hansol SeenTec Co. Ltd.

India with regard to ESP: ISGEC-Heavy Engineering Ltd.
India with regard to gas Generation: Shriram EPC Ltd. (fluidized bed technology)

Co-operation alliances

Slovakia with regard to fluidized bed technology: SES
Germany with regard to denitrification: ERC Worldwide with regard to small-scale gasification plants: ZeroPoint

Co-operation alliances in the field of R&D

Germany with regard to fluidized bed technology: CUTEC Institute
Fixed-bed gasification: TU Bergakademie Freiberg